The Cheryl Frank Memorial Prize for 2017

The Cheryl Frank prize for 2017 is awarded to Margaret Archer’s Morphogenesis and Human Flourishing (Springer).

The Prize Committe says about  the winner:

This is an edited collection on the nature of morphogenic society, the ethics of flourishing, and the relationship between social change and ethics. It is a rich dialogue which can stimulate further debate about flourishing under modern social conditions. While there is some unevenness in the 13 chapters, the book is worthy of the Cheryl Frank prize for how it pulls together and focuses a strong group of critical realists writing about ethical issues. Its approach differs from other critical realist work in the field by Christian Smith and Andrew Sayer. It is the final volume in a series of five that includes volumes on social morphogenesis, late modernity, generative mechanisms, and the crisis of normativity. Recognised as the culmination of this broader achievement, Morphogenesis and Human Flourishing is nonetheless judged on its own merits for the prize.

Alan Norrie
Steve Fleetwood
Petter Naess

Congratulations to Margaret S. Archer! Read the book!