Becoming a member of the International Association for Critical Realism (IACR)

By subscribing to the Journal of Critical Realism (JCR) you become a member of IACR. As a subscriber and member you get a discount on the conference fee at the annual IACR-Conferences. You will also obtain voting rights in the Association.

If you are a JCR-subscriber/IACR-member, you will, at the end of the year, receive a letter from the journal publisher, Taylor and Francis, reminding you to renew your subscription/membership. The letter describes the procedure for renewal, stating your customer number. You can then access payment details at www.taylorandfrancis-renewals.informa.com

If you have not received a reminder to renew you membership, or have misplaced the reminder, you should get in touch with societies@tandf.co.uk to obtain your customer number.

If you are a new subscriber of JCR and member of IACR you can access payment details at

Please, do not register as a new member/subscriber, if you at one point was registered as a member/subscriber. Instead, get in contact with the publisher to obtain your customer number at the email address above.