Critical Reallism Network Webinars

Dear Colleagues,
I’m pleased to invite you to join the inaugural public webinar for the Critical Realism Network where I will present “Emergence as a Sociological Concept” on Tuesday, September 22 from 12-1:30pm EDT. This webinar will pick up on one of the many key themes from the Philosophy of Social Sciences Summer Seminars 2015.
In August, around 35 graduate students, postdoctoral associates and junior faculty gathered in Chicago to review key texts in Western philosophy and social theory and then examined critical realism and its implication for sociological methods and research. Our teaching team included both sociologists and philosophers: myself, Professor George Steinmetz, Professor Douglas Porpora, Professor Frederic VandenbergheProfessor Ruth Groff, Professor Daniel Little, Dr. Margarita Mooney, and Dr. Timothy Rutzou.
Key themes discussed included emergence, causal powers, human flourishing, sociological constructivism, methodological pluralism, and robust interdisciplinarity. If you want to learn more, sign up for our webinar on emergence and review our online resources.
Philip Gorski