JCR subscritions, IACR membership and conference registration

There are two ways for individuals to subscribe to JCR. (1) Purchase or renew an IACR membership (this automatically subscribes you to JCR). (2) Purshase or renew an individual subscription to JCR. 

(1) is cheaper than (2) and confers a discounted conference registration fee and IACR voting rights, so that is the way to go unless you are allergic to membership.

Both (1) and (2) can be effected by going to our publisher's website and clicking on Subscribe.
Please contact subscriptions@maneypublishing.com re any queries about membership/subscriptions.

Because of the discounted registration, if you attend our annual IACR conference you should become an IACR member if you are not already one; i.e. you should join IACR before you register. This will qualify you for the discount. If you register without an IACR membership you will pay more than membership plus discounted registration, without the benefit of a JCR subscription and IACR membership.