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Critical Realism Wiki
The Wiki for the Critical Realism community.

Critical Realism
An electronic forum and (virtual) community committed to discussion and debate concerning Critical Realism and the philosophy of Roy Bhaskar.

Critical Realism News blog
The latest news from the Critical Realism Community

Critical Realism Social Network
A Social Network for Critical Realists

Cambridge Realist Workshop
An informal seminar series that encompasses almost any sort of discussion in the field of methodology/philosophy of science.

Centre for Critical Realism
A charitable trust established in November 1996 with the general aim of supporting critical realist activities, both theoretical and practical.

Journal of Critical Realism

The official journal of IACR 

International Centre for Critical Realism

IACR | Workshops

Workshops and seminars 2010:

Göteborg, Sweden
Department of Sociology,
Sprängkullsgatan 25
Coordinator: Freddy Castro

15.09. Eduardo Medina:
Towards a Model for
Critical Discourse Analysis

20.10. Freddy Castro:
Elder-Vass on The Human Subject

01.12. Ulla-Britt Wennerström and Sofia Persson:
Women in professional interest groups

08.12. Gunnar Gillberg:
The conditions for individualisation among young adults

Cambridge Realist Workshop

Past Workshops:

Centre for Critical Realism (CCR) Seminars
The London Realist Seminar
Lancaster University Critical Realist Workshops

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Alan Norrie
University of Warwick, UK

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Tone Skinningsrud
University of Tromsø

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General Editor Journal of Critical Realism (JCR)
Mervyn Hartwig
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Mervyn Hartwig

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Andrea Maccarini, Italy
Mark Johnson, UK (IT-advisor)


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